YeaLink T5 Series Voice IP Phones

Affordable. Reliable.

Yealink’s T5 Media Phone series provides an all-in-one solution for businesses of all sizes. The series brings together high-definition
voice, video and various application capabilities. With an industry-unique heads-up screen design that differentiates the user experience from other desktop phones, the Yealink T5 Media Phones enable users to find info on the screen at a glance. With enhanced HD video and audio technologies as well as an intuitive interface, the phones are ideal for today’s busy executives and professionals in various vertical markets.

Yealink voice IP business phones

Yealink SIP-T52S

Especially designed for busy executives and professionals, Yealink SIP-T52S is an ease-of-use Media IP Phone with a 2.8-inch clolr-screen and a distinctive appearance and structure. 

Yealink SIP-T58A

 Based on Android 5.1.1 operating system, the SIP-T58A features a seven-inch adjustable multi-point touch screen, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR, and it is coupled with a built-in web browser, calendar, recorder and more, which also support the installation of third-party applications for business customization. 

Yealink SIP-T58V

The Yealink SIP-T5 Smart Media Phone Series strikes an exquisite balance between simplicity and sophistication, offering an all-in-one communications solution for today’s busy executives, managers and teleworkers.

Yealink SIP-T56A

The Yealink SIP-T56A is a simple-to-use smart media phone that provides an enriched HD audio experience for business professionals.

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