Although operating and capital costs are a major factor when a business makes the switch to VoIP business phone systems, all customers still want to be sure that the call quality they experience with Business VoIP will be good. Clear and reliable phone service is as important to any business as the products or services that the business offers.

Clear-CallsWhen using business VoIP, voice clarity is determined by the quality of your VoIP provider and your Internet connection. Since the inception of the services, VoIP providers have been able to increase service satisfaction as the technology has grown. Most customers now report that the call quality is better than over copper lines. The key to clear and reliable calls with VoIP is proper configuration of a company network and proper bandwidth with the company’s Internet Service Provider.

When a business experiences issues with VoIP call quality, those issues generally stem from internal network issues or ISP issues. The information/data packets for VoIP travel over the same wiring used for other internet services and can be interrupted by “internet hogging” tasks like watching videos, employee to employees file sharing or very large emails sent out or within the network.

The good news regarding call quality is that testing can be done prior to installation of business VoIP to assess ISP bandwidth and that modern routers and firewalls, which are being used to prioritize, protect and transfer all data, can be configured to assure call quality for VoIP. Once it has been established that the ISP has the proper bandwidth to meet transfer needs, the Quality of Service (QoS) configurations within the router and firewall make sure that lower priority transfers like internal file sharing, video and the like does not interfere with voice conversations by giving them a lower priority. QoS makes sure that enough bandwidth is reserved for VoIP conversations, and it gives those conversations higher priority.

The result of properly configuring a company network provides that company with the call clarity and reliability along with all the other benefits of modern business VoIP services.