With the boom in VoIP PBX systems, businesses are looking favorably towards VoIP technology which can save them money and offer additional services. However, many businesses have taken notice of possible security breaches of passing phone traffic over internet networks. The idea of having business phone calls comprised or hacked may lead some companies to forgo the new technology and all its advantages. With noteworthy stories hitting the news about comprised data the question is how vulnerable is VoIP traffic.

The answer is a reassuring one: VoIP systems are safe and secure but the security hinges on a companies overall commitment to placing security measures across their own networks and in relation to all traffic passed along public internet systems. With proper network and internet security procedures in place a business can be reassured that they can cash in on VoIP savings and features without security risks.


First and perhaps most important is having a higher end firewall in place. Firewalls function in a number of ways protecting data as it passes to and from the internet. A firewall is a program or device that acts as a barrier to keep destructive elements out of a network or specific computer. Firewalls are configured (in hardware, software, or both) with specific criteria to block or prevent unauthorized access to a network. They work as filters for your network traffic by blocking incoming packets of information that are seen as unsafe. (http://www.pctools.com/security-news/what-does-a-firewall-do/)


Another way to strengthen security may be through an internet router that also provides firewall protection when configured properly. It is important to be sure the firmware is updated as it helps protect network systems from attacks. When updated and properly configured routers can add another layer of protection between a company’s internal network and the public internet.

VoIP Phones

As another measure of security is using VoIP phones flashed with the latest firmware which can protect against malicious attacks. The phones utilize security software that again provides another layer of firewall protection for the transmitted data. YeaVoice works with each client to recommend the best equipment both for security purposes and overall quality.

Additional Security

Finally, there are additional security steps that can be taken which may lead to additional MRC cost to the customer. Encryption systems and other measures can be put into place pending the need and desire for such added security.

Overall, cost effective measures can be taken to secure VoIP business phones which are in alignment with the same kind of security needed to operate computer networks within a company. Internal and external security is important not only for VoIP customer for basic network health to keep company systems up and running.