Yes. In fact, one of the advantages of business VoIP is the ease of connecting multiple locations and remote staff. Cloud-based VoIP is particularly successful in this role since the system is transferring data over the internet. With users in multiple locations, especially those working from home/remote offices, the ease of connecting them to a main office is relatively easy. It is equally simple to connect various offices locations without a ton of IT staff support. Some simple adjustments may need to be made to each remote users internet connection (as well as the main location’s network and Internet/VPN/WAN) and then depending on your needs, simply have us prepare your cloud pbx for you.

The VoIP cloud based solution is one which acts as a service-based solution, therefore the need for heavy IT infrastructure remains low unlike traditional PBX systems. From that perspective, cloud based VoIP is great because the IT staff requirement to support all the people outside of the office for a premise based system is certainly more difficult than for a cloud based VoIP.

A cloud based (hosted) VoIP provider will already have expertise to be able to troubleshoot remote users; for example, an employee on a cable modem who’s having issues with packet loss. However, if you buy an IP-PBX, and you have a guy in having trouble with packet loss on his cable modem, your own IT staff will be trying to deal with those issues.

As far as remote users: No problem. Many cloud based VoIP services support BYOD (Bring your own device) – desktop phones, softphone and mobile phone apps.