Grandstream High End Voice VoIP Phones

Affordable. Reliable.

Grandstreams High-End IP phones are designed for users who are often on the phone and need access to advanced features, line support and usability options. Get more done, handle more calls, and keep in touch with more people with Grandstream’s GXP2100 series.

grandstream voip phones

Grandstream GXP2160

Take control of your call volume with the GXP2160, one of our most powerful High-End IP Phones.

Grandstream GXP2140

Bringing quality and versatility to your desktop, the GXP2140 delivers the ideal balance of call control, sleek design and an enjoyable user experience. 

Grandstream GXP2135

A high-profile desktop phone built for the busy user. The GXP2135 is a sleek High-End IP phone that will bring higher levels of communication productivity to a network. 

Grandstream GXP2130 v2

A standard-but-powerful High-End IP phone that gives unprecedented flexibility and call control to a desktop. 

Grandstream GXP2170

Our most powerful High-End IP Phone, designed for the high-call volume user who requires a suite of call control and efficiency focused features.

Alternative Brands

Cisco VoIP Phones
Cisco VoIP Phones

Check out our line of Cisco VoIP phones for your hotel, hospital, multi or single office business.

Yealink VoIP Phones
Yealink VoIP Phones

Check out our line of Yealink Voice IP inter phones for your hotel, hospital, multi or single office business.


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