Presenting our new UCAAS switch!

August 3, 2017By YeaVoiceAdminUncategorized

We are pleased to announce the release of our new UCAAS cloud switch!  Faster, more redundant, more features and easier to use.  New presence panel, chat and sms capabilities!  Even better is Web Conferencing with presentation screen sharing.  Contact YeaVoice and see how we can provide services to your office.  No company too small or … Read More

Advanced Phone System

May 23, 2017By YeaVoiceAdminBusiness Owners

Check out our Advanced PBX Cloud Phone System!  YeaVoice has great tools for collections, pizza shops, multi-site business’s, high volume business’s, medical, legal and more.  Change your caller ID on the fly with the user portal. Control inbound call flow easily. See how busy your business and employee’s are live.  Prices starting at $39.99 Per … Read More

Is it easy to connect multiple locations and remote staff with VoIP business phone systems?

December 29, 2015By YeaVoiceAdminBusiness Owners, IT Pros, Tips & Tools

  Yes. In fact, one of the advantages of business VoIP is the ease of connecting multiple locations and remote staff. Cloud-based VoIP is particularly successful in this role since the system is transferring data over the internet. With users in multiple locations, especially those working from home/remote offices, the ease of connecting them to … Read More

Is VoIP PBX safe and secure?

December 29, 2015By YeaVoiceAdminBusiness Owners, IT Pros, Tips & Tools

  With the boom in VoIP PBX systems, businesses are looking favorably towards VoIP technology which can save them money and offer additional services. However, many businesses have taken notice of possible security breaches of passing phone traffic over internet networks. The idea of having business phone calls comprised or hacked may lead some companies … Read More

What IT resources does our company need to support VoIP based PBX?

December 29, 2015By YeaVoiceAdminBusiness Owners, IT Pros, Tips & Tools

  Companies considering making the switch to VoIP business phone systems should take into consideration several factors when making the decision. Network Wiring A properly built network is a great start. Since phone traffic will transport across the existing internal IP network within a business, maintaining or upgrading the IP wiring is important. Currently, scenarios … Read More